Saturday Mornings

Summer 2017.

I just finished my first year of university. It’s supposed to be summer yet, it is currently 57 degrees fahrenheit and cloudy. I live in Northern California so expecting a stereotypical California summer is not exactly realistic. I can’t help but miss the sun.

Looking back on this past year, I do have to say that things have significantly changed for me. A year ago today, I was mostly likely chilling out in my room back home in the Central Valley. It was probably in the 80s and my room would have been filled with sunshine. I was still in high school at that time. Crazy to think about that. I hadn’t yet graduated yet but man was I ready to be done at that point.

Reminiscing on where I was a year ago makes me miss home even more than I normally do.

I lived in the dorms for my first year at university. Man oh man was that something. I was in a themed community called the “Rainbow” dorms. The title “Rainbow” comes from the fact that we were all gay. Me being bisexual. This was a really big step for me. I had never expressed my sexually to anyone other than my boyfriend at that point, so going to live in a community where I could be fully open about my sexuality was something that I didn’t realize that I needed so badly. To this day my friends from back home and my family do not know that I’m gay but with time I plan on my sexuality to be expressed to them naturally. I feel no need to sit down everyone I know and have an overly and ultimately anti-climactic coming out.

Two semesters and some failed classes later, I moved into my first apartment and I am working a desk job in our school library all summer. A part of me is beginning to think that traditional school is not exactly for me. However here I stay getting my bachelor’s of arts in psychology. With the intention of getting my master’s in counseling or academic research. It’s weird how my brain can continue to make me doubt my academic choices yet I continue on the path I’m on with no immediate planning to change. A contradiction.

I’m excited to continue on this journal that I have just begun.

Until next time, Mikaylah Rose


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